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The Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon

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June 21, 2019

Where To Eat In Medford Oregon

When looking for the best restaurants in Medford Oregon you want to eat somewhere that will deliver a punch of Southern Oregon flavor. From hip bakeries and brunch spots to Kangaroo burgers and a steakhouse set in an old train depot, the food scene in Medford is top of the line. If you’re traveling to Medford or new to the area, then these are nine restaurants for you to try today.

Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon For Breakfast

Buttercloud Bakery & Cafe

Buttercloud is the best bakery in town. When it comes to downright delicious baked goods, these local bakers will feed you right. From Orange Cake with Honey Buttercream to Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and our personal favorite Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes with Bourbon Caramel Sauce, this place will send your taste buds into a buttery cloud of foodie heaven. Be prepared to wait during peak hours, but know that your patience will be rewarded!

The best restaurants in Medford - Buttercloud Bakery

As one patron put it, “The hype is real. I am hooked. A rare gem that makes everything fresh from local vendors and farms. Everything is of high quality and unique. Just be patient as it is a small place and very popular, so at peak times seating is limited and order times are a bit longer. But well worth the wait!”.

Over Easy Brunch

What started as a weekend pop up brunch spot has grown into one of Medford’s most notorious breakfast restaurants with a cult following of brunch lovers. They are currently in the process of building their new restaurant location (set to open July 2019) which will be open 6 days a week and serves breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch, specialty dinners, and even offer hands-on cooking classes!

Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon - Over Easy Brunch

As one local food guide claims, “Bottom line: it’s easily the best gourmet breakfast in town and the prices are reasonable ($13/plate). Unless I’m in a hurry, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Easy 5 stars.”.

Real Deal Cafe

If you’re looking for a good casual breakfast, this place is the real deal. The food is tasty and inexpensive with large portions, the service is fast and friendly (even though this place can get pretty busy), and the setting is super laid back with patio seating available. Though not as boutique or hipster as the first two restaurants on our breakfast list, The Real Deal Cafe lives up to the hype and they source a lot of their fresh ingredients from local farms and butchers, so the quality is excellent.

Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon - Real Deal Cafe

Coming from a local food critic, “The Real Deal Cafe really lives up to its name. It offers a large variety of delicious food and huge portions for a great price. Their breakfast is amazing! We didn’t wait long for our food and were served by staff who were very friendly. The dining area is a bit small but makes up for it with a serene atmosphere. I suggest trying “Those Potatoes,” biscuits and gravy and any of their fantastic croissant sandwiches. This is going to be your new favorite restaurant!”.

Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon For Lunch

Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub

Though it is consistently voted the best pizza parlor in Southern Oregon, Kaleidoscope is so much more than just a pizza shop. This place has a cult following and is one of the busiest restaurants in Medford. And for good reason. Their drink menu alone has over 150 wines, craft beers, and a dozen named “tinis’. The pizza is out of this world. And, they have dozens of other delicious dishes to choose from sandwiches to pulled pork nachos to buffalo chicken calzones and more. The setting is super hip and groovy with a rock and roll theme to it and they have a large outdoor patio perfect for a gathering with friends on a nice day.

Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon - Kaleidoscope Pizza

The 4.6 ranking out of over 1,700 reviews (as we write this) speaks for itself. Kaleidoscope Pizza is a must try for anyone traveling through Southern Oregon!

Jasper’s Cafe

Jasper’s take hamburgers to the extreme. One need only glance at the menu to realize that this place serves burgers with attitude. You can order any of their classic burgers with 100% ground beef, on a Kaiser bun OR if you’re feeling a little wild you can opt for one of these exotic meats: bison, elk, boar, camel, kangaroo, or red deer… And, of course, you can substitute a meat patty for either a traditional veggie burger patty or a black bean chipotle patty.

Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon - Jasper's Cafe

We love all of the burgers, but a few of our favorites are the:

  • Lone Ranger which is topped with onion rings, bacon, raspberry chipotle & pepper jack on a bed of jalapeno cream cheese
  • And the Jiffy Burger, an outrageous favorite topped with peanut butter, raspberry chipotle, bacon & provolone cheese.

Jasper’s has a small indoor space, but a large outdoor patio with picnic tables making it a great place to grab a burger and beer with a few friends on a sunny day.

Not that we imagine you need more convincing, but Jasper’s rave Google reviews speak for themselves.

Luigi’s Italian Sandwiches

Two words: Garbage Grinder. Does that sound like something you would like to eat? If not, prepare to change your mind because this may just be the most delicious sandwich you will ever have. As you scroll through their reviews you will read the same thing again and again, “the Garbage Grinder was the best sandwich I have ever had!”. Though the sandwich shop may appear to be small and a bit dumpy, don’t judge this book by its cover. There are many sandwich shops out there, but there is only one Luigi’s and you do not want to miss what Mr. Luigi has cooked up in his kitchen.

Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon - Luigi's Italian Sandwiches

Best Restaurants In Medford Oregon For Dinner

Larks Kitchen & Cocktails

At Lark’s, home kitchen cuisine is their specialty and they instill their values into every dish. Their team prioritizes getting to know and sourcing ingredients from local farmers to ensure they are fresh and of the highest quality. The restaurant is beautiful and located at the Inn at the Commons in downtown Medford. Stop by for a happy hour and enjoy some tasty cocktails and live music. The ambiance is relaxing with a lounge-like vibe to it, perfect for a romantic date night or dining for a special occasion. The dining experience is unmatched by other fine restaurants in the Rogue Valley, combining the best of classic and modern American decor to create a classy yet comfortable setting.

Larks is a great option for fine dining in Medford Oreogn

Elements Tapas Bar

Elements is Medford’s first tapas bar and their philosophy is really quite simple: take the best local ingredients, make wonderful food, and pair it with a great drink. Eating tapas is a social experience where food is eaten communally, “free from the schedules and rigidity of a traditional restaurant”.

Elements Tapas Bar pallaea

As one guest put it so eloquently, “Food = amazing : service = amazing : Recommendation = YES : Elements is a unique option that is sure to satisfy. One of the coolest, swankiest places in Medford.”

Besides offering an excellent variety of Spanish Tapas, Elements offers the region’s most extensive list of Spanish wines as well. This restaurant is simply a must try for anyone seeking a unique dining experience in Medford.

Porters – Dining at the Depot

Located in an old train depot that was built in 1910, “Porters is nostalgically named in honor of all the men and women who work professionally aboard passenger trains bringing food, drink, courtesy and a warm smile to their traveling patrons.”. This National Historic Landmark is a true gem of Southern Oregon architecture and a truly unique setting for a delicious steak dinner. They buy ingredients directly from local growers, vintners, and artisans to provide patrons with a genuine taste of the Rogue Valley.

The dining room and bar at Porters Station

Porters is a local favorite among many locals and rave reviews like this one from a local guide, Rick, are abundant, “This is our local go-to restaurant when we are looking for that special touch in fine dining. With a menu designed by the executive chef and changing with every season, Porters is an exceptional dining experience with amazing food and fine craftsmanship in every meal. With an emphasis on many local area favorites. Whether fish, meat or the organic, you can’t go wrong. Excellent service, fine wines and a superb menu makes this for a very enjoyable meal for any occasion.”.

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