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4 Tips For Airbnb Guests That Will Make You And Your Host Happy

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September 11, 2019

“It’s like staying at a hotel, except way less formal and costly.”

“It’s like crashing on a friend’s couch, but you have to pay and the couch is clean!”

Why does it feel like everyone in the world knows what Airbnb is, but yet, we are often unaware of its idiosyncrasies? We must stop trying to confine Airbnb to an already “familiar” category because, in fact, it’s in a league all its own.

Between sleeping at a friend’s house and 5-Star hotel experience, Airbnb falls somewhere amid the vast in-between. You never really know what you’re going to get when you book on Airbnb. And though guests tend to love their experience (especially when they stay with us 😉 ), people knew to the platform usually wish they had known more about how to go about the process of booking an Airbnb.

These “4 Tips for Airbnb Guests” will set you up for Airbnb booking success and leave both you and your host feeling happy about the experience.

4 Best Tips For Airbnb Guests

4 Best Tips For Airbnb Guests

Airbnb Guest Tip #1- Use the Airbnb Trip Matcher

The purpose of this tool is to help Airbnb guests make the most of their rental experience from their very first click.

With Airbnb rental options spanning over 97% of the world, it can be difficult to think of, much less research every area to visit. That’s where the Airbnb Trip Matcher comes into play…

Whether you are a seasoned Airbnb guest or just getting started, the Airbnb Trip Matcher is a great resource. The Airbnb Trip Matcher helps you determine what type of traveler you are subconsciously and goes further to make recommendations for where you should travel to.

By taking their custom quiz, which takes less than 90 seconds to complete, Airbnb will give you a traveler archetype. Based on your quiz answers it will also suggest a few vacation areas that might pique your interest.

By letting Airbnb Trip Matcher narrow down your options, planning your ideal trip will be much less stressful.

Airbnb Guest Tip #2- Have a Profile Photo

Pro Tips For Airbnb Guests #2 Set a profile picture

If you worked at a hotel’s front desk, it would be part of your job to give room keys to a complete stranger. However, there is a difference when you are giving the keys to your house to a complete stranger.

Think about it from an Airbnb host’s perspective. While this transaction is similar to getting a room at a hotel, the experience is more personal, which means, you must approach the whole process differently.

For a more successful travel experience at Airbnb, as a guest, you have to do a little leg work up front. That means setting up your Airbnb profile and including a respectable photo of yourself with a brief description of the type of traveler you are. Having these two attributes will allow the Airbnb host to review your rental proposal from a more familiar vantage point.

You could even think of it as networking, and Airbnb is the person connecting the guest to the host. When a host can better envision the type of renter you will be, they can make a more informed decision on who they trust living in their home. 

Pro Tips For Airbnb Guests: It’s all about the first impression. Learn how to send effective messages to Airbnb hosts that will actually make them want to stay in their home.

Airbnb Guest Tip #3- Check for Pets

Pro Tips For Airbnb Guests #3 Check for pets

Airbnb allows you to filter listings by “Entire place” (where you have a place to yourself), “Private room” (where you have your own room in someone’s home, but share common areas), and “Shared room” (where you stay in a shared space, like a common room).

For those looking at private or shared rooms, it is important to check to see if the host you are staying with has any pets if that is an issue for you.

Imagine you, your spouse and two children book an Airbnb getaway. It’s Friday night, and you just completed the 3-hour long car ride to the Siskiyou Mountains house you’ve rented for the long weekend. You grab the hide-a-key from the specified location and walk up the front steps. The whole family walks into the house and is unexpectedly greeted by a beautiful, and well-behaved, golden retriever- that belongs to the host. The only problem is that your spouse and kids are allergic to dogs!

On the flip side, if you own a pet that travels with you it is important to check the listing to see if the host allows pets to stay in their home. This goes for all Airbnbs!

Pro Tips For Airbnb Guests: It’s important to read through the list carefully because the host has put a lot of time into crafting what to include. DO NOT annoy a host before you even get there by asking questions that are already outlined in their listing.

Airbnb Guest Tip #4- Clean Up

Always clean up after yourself

Typically, people tidy up after spending the night at a friend’s or relative’s house, but never at a hotel. So, what is the proper etiquette an Airbnb?

We find ourselves in a gray area once again. When you book an Airbnb there is a cleaning fee included in your final bill which for some would incline them to treat it like a hotel, but you still need to remember that you are a guest in this residence. Many hosts have their own protocol when it comes to clean up and it is important to read through any instructions they send you before you check-out. It is not uncommon for hosts to request their guests to strip the sheets, clean all dishes, and reorient any furniture moved during the stay. Depending on the situation, failing to follow the “house rules” may result in additional fees from your host.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, just be a courteous guest.

And if courtesy and fees aren’t enough of a reason, remember that the host gets to leave you a review too. If you get a bad review other Airbnb hosts may not allow you to stay at their homes in the future.

“Always leave a place better than you found it!”

As a guest, you must adapt to the societal norms that make up Airbnb. Sometimes it can be hard to determine the right way to go about the Airbnb experience, so we hope these “4 Tips for Airbnb Guests” will make your future Airbnb experiences more successful!

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